November 2020 Newsletter

Vibha partners with Language Learning foundation (LLF)
By Asha Devi

Vibha’s new partner, Language Learning Foundation (LLF), has been working towards providing quality education by addressing the problem of language and literacy since 2015. They work primarily with government schools, mainly in five states: Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Chhattisgarh. They provide training to school teachers, Cluster Resource Coordinators (CRC), Block Resource Coordinators (BRC), and other people working at various levels in the education system in Early Language and Literacy (ELL) and Multilingual Education (MLE). They teach tribal children using their home language and thereby facilitating their learning process in other languages.

Vibha supports 50 out of 200 schools under LLF’s Neev (Early Learning Improvement Program) Project.

Read more about LLF here

Vibha receives Love Takes Action award from the New York Life Foundation

The New York Life Foundation awarded Vibha a $50,000 Love Takes Action Award. The Love Takes Action Award program grants $50,000 to local nonprofit organizations which are championed by New York Life agents and employees. Sunita Wadhwani, corporate vice president, New York Life recognized community member Mr. Parvinder Singh Arora for his volunteer work in the community during the pandemic.
Mr. Parvinder Singh Arora was one of the thirty-five community members from across the nation honored for demonstrating exceptional community service in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As recognition for his contributions to the community, he selected Vibha to receive a $50,000 general support grant from the New York Life Foundation.
This grant will be used to support Vibha`s commitment to every child gaining quality public education by enabling scalable solutions to drive excellence in the quality of public education through government and local partnerships. 

Read more here
Read more about Vibha here

We request the honor of your presence at
Vibha’s Ray of Light Gala on 12th December at 9:00 pm EST

Study Buddy Program

During the summer of 2019, Vibha’s youth volunteers in Dallas got introduced to PBDF (Pale Blue Dot Foundation), an organization focused on uplifting the Bhutanese families who have been inducted into the United States via refugee program. Partnering with PBDF, they organized over 12 camps, naming this initiative as a Study Buddy Program. 
The unexpected advent of the Coronavirus pandemic has significantly affected refugees from around the world. Children in refugee families are often deprived of quality education. Dallas youth volunteers have continued conducting the camps during these difficult times too, helping these Bhutanese children to continue receiving quality learning.
Although numerous obstacles came in the way from the get-go, the impassioned and ardent youth of the Dallas Action Center have contributed more than 1200 hours to this program collectively creating a great impact on this refugee community. In fact, they are anticipating three of their students to get to college in the next two years with the support they have been providing them.
We are grateful to the Dallas youth for their perseverance in these times.

Read more about the program here

Volunteer Highlight – Neeta Dave

Neeta started her leadership journey as a youth lead in Dallas and served in that role for three years. She managed the entire PVSA process for almost 100 youth members, which required some pretty heavy lifting. As an Executive Director (ED), she led Dallas along with Rohini for three years and worked hard in bringing structure to the organization, continuing to support youth initiatives and service projects. She was instrumental in implementing several flagship events such as the Kite flying festival, Dream Mile, and most recently – Vibe, in Dallas which saw a year-on-year increase in participation and revenue.  Anyone who has met her can feel her infectious positivity and zeal to get things done. Neeta will be stepping down from the ED role but will continue to support the Dallas Action center with her can-do attitude and humility. A huge thank you to Neeta Dave for her fantastic services to Vibha Dallas.

Read about Neeta’s journey here

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