CORP Children Rise to the Top || Anita Ambalavanan

CORP (Community Outreach Program) is an India-based organization that helps communities, women, and children. The program provides children access to education, shelter, food and water, as well as health care, in hopes of giving them more opportunities. It recently achieved a major accomplishment with thirteen of their children passing the challenging Board Examination. These Board Examinations help students in India earn their Higher Secondary School Certificate which opens up opportunities to attend good colleges and receive a higher level of education. These thirteen students took the highest level of these tests administered after their tenth and eleventh grades. Their academic accomplishments are made increasingly impressive noting their circumstances.


“Many of the students that are supported by CORP  are the first in their families to attend school,” says the Director of CORP, Nirmal Chandappa. They also face additional obstacles from emotional trauma due to abandonment, violence, and loss as well as stigmas. This ostracization is so extreme many hide their personal background to avoid being singled out as an orphan or a child of prostitution or the streets. Despite these extra barriers, thirteen children managed to maintain their academic achievement and work hard towards a better future.  One child even managed to secure an 81% which is impressive considering an 87.9% was the highest score in Maharashtra in the past decade.    

Vibha played an important role in this achievement as ten of the thirteen children as they were enrolled in Vibha’s Project in Thane. The organization’s valiant efforts help to assist students from tuition and coaching to encouraging them to pursue higher education. Vibha and CORP India work together to ensure a bright future for all children assisted by this program.

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