February 2021 Newsletter

Learning in the times of COVID-19 
– by Asha Devi

‘Learning in the times of Covid-19’ is a tale of Prakashdeep (a mentor at Prerana, one of Vibha supported projects) who acted as a one man army in Hamsabanda village in Andhra Pradesh to convince parents and other adults of the village to let him teach their children so that they can continue their learning wothout much obstruction during the times of coronavirus pandemic, when a countrywide lockdown had adversely affected entire country’s education system.

Read here more about how he struggled initially even for getting an entry into the village and eventually how he successfully achieved his goal with perseverance and strong determination.

Vibha donates $12,500 to InspirEDU to help close the digital divide

Vibha donates $15,000 to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Annual Report 2019

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