January 2021 Newsletter

– by Asha Devi

Rachana is an initiative by Swati Chavan, envisioning a community that would come together empowering the children through education programs. Rachana runs remedial classes in various talukas of Pune district for children who are unable to receive basic education because of a variety of factors including inadequate community support for education. Vibha has been funding supportive education and integrated development programs in 12 villages in Mulshi, Haveli and Panshet talukas.
This story by Asha Devi covers the journey of Manas Santosh Jagtap. Manas is an 11-year-old boy in class 4. He has been regularly attending Rachana’s remedial classes along with his regular school for the past 3 years and now he has even become capable of teaching other children who are younger than him.  “Best thing in this class is that my teacher doesn’t hit me. Sometimes she rolls her eyes when I just keep on running from this corner to that corner of my class. But I am not scared to come to school anymore” says Manas.

Read more about Manas Jagtap here
Read more about Rachana and Vibha’s involvement here

One of VIbha`s partners LeapForWordis a  Mumbai-based, registered non-profit organization dedicated to just one cause — that of enhancing the English language skills of children in under-served communities in India.

Volunteer Highlight: Vivek Sharma

Vivek`s involvement with Vibha over the past 15 years has been intense and varied. When he joined Vibha, he helped with the transition of Vibha from its predecessor organization CRY.  With legalese, accounting, and any organizational shift of this size, there was a lot of paperwork to deal with, and a dire need for streamlined accounting and administrative processes.  Vivek was instrumental in getting the operations, accounting, and accountability of the same streamlined. He became heavily involved with the Projects team to help them narrow their focus in order to scale the impact. On the tech side of things, he was involved in assessing and setting up database systems, CRM tools, and payment processing platforms to manage the projects, campaigns and patrons so that as an organization Vibha was able to design personalized communications and process donations at speed.

Vivek is also the founder of Yogi Onsite. He is an experienced teacher (RYT 500, YACEP)  as well as a life-long student of yoga. This yogi has been the key to bring transparency and compliance to Vibha’s operations and is very well respected for his opinion and work all across the organization.

Read more about his journey here

Annual Report 2019

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