Collecting Donations and not Gifts, on a Milestone event of Arangetram

Samyukta Munagavalasa (a Sophomore at J.I. Case High School in Racine, WI) and Janavi Munagavalasa (an 8th grader at Walden Middle School in Racine, WI) are both members of Racine Kenosha Vibha Youth Club leaders and, since Dec 2017, have been regularly volunteering their time for fund raising activities for Vibha, helping geriatric residents of nursing homes, cleaning up a nature center, and choreographing dances to children for performing at a locally organized Diwali festival.

Samyukta and Janavi were celebrating their milestone achievement by performing Arangetram and Salangai puja on June 23, 2018 at West Performing Arts Center in New Berlin, WI and opted to raise funds for Vibha instead of receiving personal gifts from friends and family.

During their visit to a BCT (Bhagavatula Charitable Trust) Model school for underprivileged children in Andhra Pradesh a few years ago, Samyukta and Janavi recognized that there are many children who are less privileged, and who do not receive basic education and facilities like healthcare and nutrition. Hence, they decided to take advantage of this very special event to raise funds for these children. a

They are so proud to announce that, with generous donations from over 80 patrons, friends and family, they not only raised $4,000, but were also able to spread awareness about Vibha’s vision and mission among the audience through Vibha booths.

Samyukta and Janavi opted the raised funds to go to the BCT Model School.

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