Vibe Dallas 2020 -By Rohini Sheeba


Vibha Dallas successfully completes exclusive, Black tie event- Vibe 2020; raises $90,000.  

On Saturday, February 29th, at the Grand Center in Plano, six couples -our ‘Stars”, came together to compete in a dance-off show- Vibe. They had been paired with professional choreographers and had worked for over three months to create individual dance routines based upon a chosen theme.

Our dances this year ranged from Bollywood, classical and fusion pieces to thematic choreographies that showcased inter-generational attitudes, the virtues of perseverance, a mother-son bond and bold social messages on equality.

In addition, 18 lovely ladies participated in a Fashion showcase titled, Art Artistry and Traditions of India, that showcased the exquisite artistry of Indian textile and jewelry.  fashion showAll of our stars were handpicked to become brand ambassadors for Vibha and were shining examples of leadership, stewardship and humanity in our community. They comprised of entrepreneurs, global executives, physicians, technologists, influencers and change-makers. As our ‘stars’ embarked upon the journey towards Vibe night, they campaigned hard to bring about awareness for Vibha’s mission and vision and raised almost $90,000.

Dino Morea- super model and actor/ producer from Bollywood, charmed everyone with his indomitable style and wit at the event. A fantastic multi-course dinner cooked on the premises and an open bar added the right gastronomical elements to the smashing success of the event.

This exclusive, invitation-only event was made possible by our main sponsors- Metroplex Medical Centers, Krypton solutions, Vtech, Resolve Tech Solutions and a multitude of in kind sponsors. groupfieA huge shout out to our choreographers who volunteered many months of time and effort to get our stars ready. Our judges comprised of the most respected dance and media professionals and we are indebted to them for supporting our cause. Finally, we couldn’t have done this without the excellent team of our stalwart Vibha Dallas volunteers who worked for four months to execute this ambitious event.  

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