Giving The Gift Of A Future


There is an idiom that says prevention is better than cure.

If you treat a wound, you’ll be dealing with a smaller problem than if you let it become infected.

If you add the right spices at the right stage when you are cooking, your meal will taste better than if you throw everything in at the end (and have to cover up the poor taste with salt).

Vibha understands this idiom, in fact it is a principle that underpins our work.

Social Responsibility

We understand that fundraising is an important part of social responsibility when we want to help people less fortunate than ourselves.

We understand that what is even more important is supporting projects that ensure that fundraised money is invested in successful, scalable models to help the underprivileged children we are trying to help the most.

For twenty years, Vibha has invested over $10 million thanks to the generosity and big hearts of our donors. Through 250 projects 300,000 children have been given the same chances in life that we had ourselves. To put those numbers into perspective, in 2014 alone 50,000 children were supported by 35 projects in India (30) and the USA (5).

Making A Match

You could think of Vibha as a sort of matchmaking service. We want to match those who want to help underprivileged children – grass-root entrepreneurs, donors, volunteers, government agencies and partner NFOs – with our four areas of focus: education, vocational training, care for physically and mentally challenged children, and rescue and rehabilitation of children in vulnerable conditions. Fundraising allows us to do that and the way we work ensures that the money raised is invested in creating effective models that help resolve the systemic problems that prevent children from having access to what we feel are very basic rights.

Through seeding, growing and scaling such projects we can invest in the future instead of sticking a band aid over the present. We can make a difference. And even more importantly, we can help others to make a difference too, one that is durable and life changing.

Doesn’t that create an amazing, optimistic view of the future for those who need our help?

SVGives Day

On Tuesday, 5th of May, 2015, you can contribute to that vision. Participating in SVGives Day, by donating whatever you can, you get the chance to be a part of phenomenal change in someone’s life. You get to be a hero. In essence, you get to be vibha.

Because we, our donors and our volunteers are so passionate about this movement for change, we have some ambitious but attainable goals for 2015:

Target for SVGives Day – $70,000

Sikshana – $25,000 for improving reading, writing and arithmetic levels of 5,000 children in public schools
Alamb – $15,000 for vocational training for girls in basic computer training, garment making, and beautician courses
Samavesh – $12,000 for providing quality education in public education system
School van for HEARDS – $8,000 for rescuing children from hazardous working environments and providing quality education in special schools
My New Read Shoes (Silicon Valley) – $10,000 for helping homeless and low income children look and feel confident by providing them with new shoes and clothing for school

How You Can Help

On SVGives Day, between 12am PST and 11:59pm PST, you can contribute to these amazing causes by donating here. You can even pre-schedule donations now. Donations can be made by mobile for your convenience, and you will receive a donation receipt – donations are 100% tax free. If you have any questions the answers are here.

Here’s the five things we would love to see from our donors:
Spread the word! Tell your friends about Vibha
Mark your calendar for May-5 SVGives event. Donations of any size are appreciated.
Encourage your friends to schedule their SVGives donation.
Make a donation and/or encourage your friends to make a donation to Vibha on SVGives Day, May, 5, 2015
“Share” your SVGives donation on Facebook and “Like” our postings to show your support of Vibha

If you’re still not sure about your donation, watch this video from our inspiring volunteers who will tell you in their own words why Vibha is such an important contributor to a brighter future for children in need.

SVGives Day. Please help us to help make a difference to the lives of those that need it most.

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