2011, the year so far..

It has been a busy year so far for Vibha with a number of exciting activities.  Here are the highlights.

1) Launch of Adopt-a-Project:
With this new program, a patron can donate his or her money to particular projects pre-selected by Vibha that focus on child development initiatives. This is great news for patrons who want to be connected to projects in a more direct and meaningful way.  Visit http://adopt.vibha.org/ for more details.

2) Contributions Vibha received from student community:
$5,001 from North Penn School District for Sikshana
$10,000 from Northwestern University for Jan Madhyam Project.

3) Dallas Action Center resurrection:
The Dallas Action Center (AC) has grown from 1 volunteer in fall 2010 to 20+ volunteers today. Catch the action at the Dallas AC by visiting http://dallas.vibha.org

4) Establishment of National Volunteer Network:
The objective of the National Volunteer Network to establish a volunteer network across different US cities is two-fold: to reach out to the prospective volunteers and ultimately patrons in cities where Vibha does not have an Action Center, and to spread Vibha’s vision and mission to a larger community – including universities, associations, and local organizations. If you have any interested volunteers or suggestions, please feel free to send them across to volunteernetwork@vibha.org. If you have any friends or family in any US city where we currently don’t have an action center, please pass on this message to them and request them to sign up. We will promptly send them a ‘volunteer orientation kit’ and help them get started.

5) Sikshana’s expansion into Gujarat:
Sikshana recently expanded to the state of Gujarat. Visit our blog at  https://vibhablog.wordpress.com/2011/03/12/gram-vikas-trust-sikshana-in-gujurat/ for more information.

6) Pragati conference 2011:

Vibha recently organized Pragati 2011 conference from October 01 to October 03, 2011 at the Y.M.C.A. in Pune. The mission of the Pragati Conference is to “Connect, Share & Leverage.” to enable knowledge sharing for Vibha projects in India.  All Vibha volunteers everywhere (India and the US) were invited to attend. There are blog posts on Pragati on https://vibhablog.wordpress.com/ describing how the conference went.

7.) Vibha received $19,456 grant from Juniper Networks Foundation for Sikshana project.

8.) Vibha Beneficiary Program donations:

Tibco Software, Inc.  $5,000
Angiras Foundation $20,000 for Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal and Prayas projects.
Steve Kupetz $10,000 for Jan Madhyam

Events so far in 2011:
First Half Marathon in Bay Area –  raised $54K
Vibha Vibe events in Atlanta, Milwaukee and Los Angeles.
Lakeside Soire new event in Minnesota

Upcoming new events in 2011:
Art for Heart 2011 in Dallas on October 22 2011
Dream Mile Los Angeles October 22, 2011
Diwali Mela Sacramento October 22, 2011
Yoga conference in Bay Area on November 5th and 6th
Dream Mile Houston November 5, 2011

Some Numbers

  • $286,251 – Amount channeled for existing projects this year.
  • $56,490 – Amount of corporate donations this year.
  • $106,271 – Total funds raised through fund-raising events this year(Based on events account closed so far)
  • $229,238 – Donations from all other sources

 Thanks for your generous contributions and support making this an exciting year so far. Keep the momemtum going so we can close the year with huge success.

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