Vibha Dallas Youth Diya Fundraiser 2021

Rohini Sheeba and Ritesh Thakur (the executive directors of the Dallas Action Center) would like to take a few minutes to dwell upon a recently concluded, super successful Diya event by the youth volunteers of the Dallas Action Center.

Over the past several weeks, almost 50 volunteers in the action center have been tearing around making clay diyas, painting them and conducting sales in various locations across the entire Dallas metroplex. Here are some of the metrics the volunteers complied:

Number of Diyas and Coaster made: 2000
Volunteers engaged: 50
Individual sale Events: 13
Funds raised: $5000

A huge shout out to the youth leadership team members – Kranthi, Poorni, and Sunitha who led the efforts. This initiative is 100% theirs! Unbelievable job on scaling this to this level of engagement and revenue generation!

There are multiple people who have worked super hard on creating the Diyas and many more involved in painting them including a few elderly who have thrown themselves into the process! Quite a few volunteers came forward to lead sales efforts in their homes, community events, neighborhoods, the farmers markets, libraries and even corporate events! Other volunteers marketed the products on all their social media and real life networks. Yet others spoke about the cause to visiting friends and family members who in turn just wrote out huge donations checks!

Suffice to say that Vibha Dallas is very, very grateful for the efforts of these volunteers!! Lastly, Rohini and Ritesh extend thanks to the folks serving on the Dallas Exec team who continually support all initiatives, saying that they are always thankful for the involvement and support the Exec team.

Together, the volunteers have taken a gem of an idea, given it a shape and scaled it to such heights this year! Kudos!!!

Below is a video complication of the various facets of the diya effort!

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