VIBHA joins hands with Texas Instruments and Government of Karnataka

Vibha is honored to be the Implementation Partner in this philanthropic venture – 86 bed Modular Hospital Extension that has been set up at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest diseases, Bangalore, a synergy of TI India and the Govt. of Karnataka. Team Vibha and Team TI from all over the globe has been collating support and gathering resources for enhancing the healthcare services, for handling the Covid catastrophe. Joining hands with corporates like TI India who share the same humane approach and philosophy has been a very gratifying experience for Vibha.

Department of Child & Family Welfare, Bangalore Covid Taskforce (Bangalore Medical College) and the Department of Health & Education, from the Government of Karnataka have been jointly involved in this Modular Hospital Project. Modulus Housing, the ingenious engineering team has successfully setup this structure. Inspite of the challenges involved in coordinating with multiple departments, all the teams concerned – Modulus Housing, Civil Contractors, Equipment suppliers, Coordinating teams from TI & Vibha, have put in indefatigable efforts to set this up though not in the ideal timeframe of 4 weeks but in
over 4 months.

Thanks to the global Campaign launched by TI and the efforts put in by the volunteers, a large sum of 120,00,000 USD was raised which included a matching grant of 51,00,000 USD from TI. While the CSR initiative of TI India funded the Modular Hospital, the funds raised by the campaign were utilized to provide the hospital with life-saving Ventilators and other critical equipment, making it a fully functional critical care hospital from Day 1. The TI management team including its MD, has been very appreciative of Vibha’s efforts in the successful execution of this project.

This Modular Hospital was formally handed over to the Director, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest diseases, Bangalore on 12-10-21, marking the start of a benevolent journey.

“The great secret of true success, of true happiness, is this: the man or woman who
asks for no return, the perfectly unselfish person, is the most successful.”
― Swami Vivekananda

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