Summary of Comprehensive Education Initiative (CEI)

Brief Summary of Training Workshop for Field Staff

Project Name: Comprehensive Education Initiative (CEI)

Project Area: Paderu Tribal Division (11 Mandals in total), District Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh                                                                          

Training Dates: 4th Aug 2021 – 8th Aug 2021

Place of Training: BCT Campus Haripuram, Vishakhapatnam.

Trainers – Lt Cdr Kapil Sangwan (Vibha);Pranil Naik, Larissa Lopes and Chaitanya Chakravarthy (LeapForWord); Sri Ram Murthy (Bhagavatula Charitable Trust); Rama Nandanavanam (Sikshana Foundation)

Trainees – Project Coordinator, Mandal Coordinators (also referred as ‘Mentors’), Special Educators (all BCT employees)


  • To help the mentors understand the whole CEI program.
  • To train the mentors on
    • Elementary and Advance Reading levels of LFW’s English Literacy Program
    • Inclusive Education Programme of BCT
    • Student Motivation Programme (‘Prerana’) of Sikshana
    • ‘We Love Reading’ Programme of Government of Andhra Pradesh
  • To get to know the challenges faced by the mentors during the covid situation.
  • To understand and get an experience of how the schools operated during the covid scenario.

Training plan:

  • Day 1 – Orientation on CEI Program and training on Elementary Reading level
  • Day 2 – Training on ‘We Love Reading’ Program and Advance Reading Level
  • Day 3 – Field visit to Paderu and meeting with Education Department Officials
  • Day 4 – Training on Inclusive Education Component
  • Day 5 – Training on Student Motivation Program and CEI Mobile Application

Vibha’s Contribution to the Workshop:

  1. Entire planning for the conduct of the workshop in collaboration with other stake holders
  2. Funding for the workshop (the entire CEI Program is being funded by Vibha)
  3. Coordination with State and District Education Officials and District Institute of Education and Training (Visakhapatnam) for participation of District Resource Personnel in the workshop
  4. Planned visit of representatives from each organisation to the Govt Schools in the Paderu Division for first hand understanding of  the ground situation
  5. Interacted with Administration at Paderu Division to develop the joint implementation strategy for the Project

Few Glimpses of the Workshop

Day 1 – Orientation on CEI Program

Day 2 – Training by DIET (Visakhapatnam) Resource Faculty

Day 3 – Field visit to a school in Paderu Division

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