June 2021 Newsletter

Ray of Light Campaign: On-ground Updates

Mission Oxygen:
> Procuring and providing oxygen concentrators to people in need

Food supplies and livelihood support:
> Our partners came up with prompt actions to support the marginalized communities, by providing basic food supplies, livelihood to the communities where they have been working for many years. Read the story of one of our on-ground partners of Chengalpattu District (Tamil Nadu), Society of Education and Action (SEA) here

Raising awareness:
> Vibha’s partners started taking up awareness drives to educate the people about COVID prevention and management as well as the importance of vaccination and hygiene. Using different methods like puppetry shows, online play, rallies, our partners reached out to different villages to raise awareness
> You can watch here the puppetry video created by one of our partners, Swanirvar to raise awareness among people during the difficult time by collaborating with the government
> Our partners also put in efforts to mitigate the health crisis through alignment with existing government efforts, by working with police departments and local government bodies, hold rallies and campaigns to raise awareness about the pandemic as well as by employing their staff to the government hospital to speed up the COVID testing. Swanirvar, one of our partners from West Bengal, has depicted a stellar example. You can read more about Swanirvar converting their office as Baduria’s new COVID center here

Providing nonmedical supplies:
> Along with putting efforts on raising awareness on health and hygiene in their communities, some of our projects are providing masks, sanitizers, and soaps to the marginalized communities whose livelihood is affected due to the state-wide lockdown

We are extremely humbled by your support. Please contribute towards our efforts as the need is huge.

The Dream Voice -A virtual fundraiser organized by VIBHA in partnership with Shankar Mahadevan Academy

The online singing contest received an overwhelming response and immense love from across the globe. There were close to 300 entries that came in from ten countries making this a truly global contest. The judges consisted of the extremely talented and accomplished – Rekha Pallath, Sid Philar, Anudeep Dev, Saraswathi Chaitanya and Ram Durvasula.
On Sunday, June the 13th of 2021, was The Grand Finale where the winners were announced. The Winners will be having a live session with none other than Padmashri Shankar Mahadevan.
The event sponsors were Allied Informatics, Parsons Pointe Dental Care, United Family Homes, Cyrano, Echelon Solutions group.
A total of over 13,000 dollars was raised through this event. The funds raised will go towards Vibha`s Ray of Light campaign which is raising funds for the Covid relief in India. The campaign has already raised close to 2.2 million dollars.
Read here more about Dream Voice and the winners.



Vibha Bay Area Youth proudly presents FREE Hackathon event for 8-12 year olds, organized by 9th graders/incoming Freshmen! 
Please register and spread the word!
More details here! 

Annual Report

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