Efforts towards continued education of the less-fortunate children during the pandemic

One of Vibha’s partners, School On Wheels of Massachusetts (SOWMA)(https://www.sowma.org/) is a non-profit organization that has been working towards betterment of homeless children by supporting their academic, social and emotional growth. Vibha, along with SOWMA, has continued to strive to educate the underprivileged children even during the tough times of the on-going COVID19 pandemic.

Vibha recently made a donation of $5000 to SOWMA to support the students impacted by homelessness in Massachusetts. A donation like this during the unprecedented times is essential as the need for education assistance for students and families facing homelessness has increased dramatically.

Let us all join hands together in support for the children who have dreams, but due to homelessness and lack of opportunities, are not able to accomplish their goals in life. Please continue to support these organizations and reach out to their volunteers to extend your support to the the children and youth at risk and be the reason of smile on their faces.

Donations can be made by visiting either SOWMA here or Vibha here

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