Community Covid-19 Support Program Report (Block: Deodar; District: Banaskantha)

Cohesion Foundation Trust

During the Covid 19, Second Wave, the sitaution of community was more pathetic as this time the Covid virus influenced the rural areas also. A detailed planning was done for conducting the awareness campaign on Covid and the inuguration was done by inviting Chair Person of District Education Committee, Mr. Narsingh Rabari, Block Primary Education officer, Ms. Hasumatiben, Block Resource Coordinator, Mr. Mahendra and Block Health Officer, Dr. Brijesh were invited. Apart from this school management committee members, paretnts, teachers of school, head teacher and community members were invited to give the green signal to the campaign. Media was also invited to take the photographs for awareness of such campaign in the area and hence people can get benefit of the same. 

This campaign had a detaile planned route and it covered 71 villages of Deodar Block. Under this campaign each villages were given Oximeter (village wise 1 oximeter) and 25 most needy families per village were given Masks, Soap. Aasha workers of the village are the frontline workers and they too were given 10 N95 masks and sanitizers as they need it the most. They have to work directly with the community. This way total 1775 families were distributed with masks and soaps. Poster designs were made by Cohesion and Vibha and those 10 posters were pasted on the walls of the village where the community can read and understand the importance of dos and donts during Corona. In each villages youth groups, adolescent children were taken in confidence and they helped in pasting and distributing the posters. Even the sarpanch and leaders of village helped in awareness in their village when the campaign was carried out. The youth leaders were also oriented on doing awareness in villages and they did it very nicely. 

During the awareness campaign, community, youths, children, aasha workers, aanganwadi workers were made aware on Mucormicrosis, Covid 19 symptoms in details. Precautions to be taken care at home during covid was also oriented to them.In all 71 villages, at the end of awareness and orientation, question answer session was kept where all the problemes faced by community were resolved. Communtiy was motivated to ask questions after the orientation program. Major points covered during awareness were, importance of wearing mask, hand washing, social distancing, steam to be taken during cough and cold, important help line numbers, covid app of government to be downloaded, importance of vaccine and how to register for vaccine. what to eat and which important medicines are to be taken in emergency was also oriented. Specially how to take care of children during the covid situation and how to educate them at home was also oriented to community and parents of the children. 

Major Outcomes of the Awareness Campaign: 

  1. People started wearing masks on compulsory basis
  2. People started following the social distancing
  3. People were afraid of taking the vaccine, they got motivated and started registering themselves on Cowin App.
  4. Children were made compulsory to wear masks
  5. Hand washing with the soap atleast 3 times a day started by community 
  6. People started seeking information from the government helpline numbers
  7. Community started reading the posters and got aware on the covid 19 virus
  8. Fear of Covid 19 virus was gone from the community and they started taking steps for betterment of their health and hygiene. 

Feedbacks from Stakeholders:

Feedbacks from Stakeholders:

“Cohesion Foundation Trust with Support of Vibha conducted a Covid Awareness campaign in our village and also distributed oximeter, and required things like soap and masks which was very helpful for us”

Vadanji Thakor, Member of village

(Right Side First Person)

“The covid19 campaign was very helpful to create awareness in our village, says Mr. Kanu Patel, Sarpanch of Jada village gram panchayat. 

(Right Side Second Person)

“We were very much afraid of taking vaccine earlier but now we are ready to get vaccinated says, Mr. Jenaji Thakor of Ogadpura village. 

(Right Side Third Person)

“The awareness done in our village and school was very helpful and we got help in awaring the community on the issue of covid 19 says Mr. Pravinsingh Rajpur, Head Teacher of Rantila Primary school”

(Left Side Second Person)

“Today the awareness conducted in village and the posters which are pasted on walls are very helpful to us and the community can easily read and understand the protocols to be taken care during the covid 19 situation, says Mr. Bachu Desai, School Management Commiittee member of Bhadkasar village. 

Covid supoort program inuguration

Kit Distribution


Oxygen Screening


Covid awareness

Community Covid Support Program:

  1. 7000 Mask Distribution Community.
  2. 7000 Soap Distribution Community.
  3. 710 N95 Mask Distribution – ASHA Worker.
  4. 144 Sanitizer (1 Lt) Distribution – ASHA Worker.
  5. 1775 Family Covered Mask and Soap Distribution.
  6. 75 Oximeter Distribution – Village Level ASHA Worker
  7. 10000 Poster.  
  8. 71 Village covered covid awareness with Poster and Mike.
  9. 35000 community were done oxygen screening during the campaign
  10. Total community reached by campaign is 80000 people
  11. 55 Grampanchayat members and sarpanchs joined during the campaign
  12. Other then this aasha workers, aanganwadi workers, smc members, teachers, head teachers, SHG women, health workers etc joined during the campaign.

We are thankful to Vibha for the support extended to conduct this very important work on Covid 19 Awareness in Deodar, Banaskantha, Gujarat

Team Cohesion

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