Converting office into a COVID Center: Swanirvar – by Asha Devi

After raising awareness about COVID-19 in the different villages of Baduria and Sunderban, Swanirvar has also collaborated with the government to provide support to migrant workers for their COVID tests to ensure proper medical support wherever needed. After the COVID tests when the number of COVID-19 patients increased, Swanirvar started working towards creating more infrastructure for COVID-19 patients so that the latter get proper medical care on time to fight against this health crisis. Gradually, the patients with mild symptoms started getting severe due to the limited medical access to the local areas. While the capacity of the nearest government hospital was already exhausted as they only had 10 beds, Swanirvar collaborated with the local government bodies to create a COVID center to support the patients with mild symptoms. The Swanirvar campus at Baduria was then soon turned into a 50 bedded COVID center on 24 May 2021. Hence, Swanirvar started a mini-hospital cum safe home in collaboration with N 24 Parganas District Health and Family Welfare Department now. The local Block Development Officers, police officials, health officials, and local MLA inaugurated this COVID center.

At present, this COVID center is a child-friendly home, with basic care and protection for the COVID-positive children and juveniles who have lost parents in COVID or their parents are in need of medical care. This center also accommodates patients of Sunderbans and Baduria districts who are either asymptomatic or have a mild infection and need care as well as basic medical support. Swanirvar team is now providing a dedicated oxygen parlor for patients with mild breathing problems due to the COVID.

In this initiative of Swanivar, Vibha is providing non-medical supplies and medical equipment for the COVID center. Swanirvar is Vibha’s one of the on-ground partners of West Bengal who have worked towards strengthening the school ecosystem through teacher training in Baduria.

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