Supporting children with Special needs through Society for Education and Action (SEA) – By Asha Devi

During the second wave of COVID-19, Vibha extended support to one of its on ground partners in Tamil Nadu (whom it has been supporting since 2005)- SEA (Society forEducation and Action). When the crisis hit hard, the people with special needs started losing their jobs. Hence, SEA started an initiative to support these people so that they do not go to sleep on empty stomach. SEA reached out to different villages in the Thirukazhukundram Block of Chengalpet District to provide the people with special needs with the basic requirements of their daily life after the advent of the second wave. Vibha funded SEA in their initiative.

“We firstly thank Team-Vibha for their generous support to help the differently-abled persons/ Children and their families” -Desingu Subramani 

Vibha supported SEA in providing basic survival kits to 488 families of children with special needs in 79 Villages in the Thirukazhukundram Block. The survival kits included dry ration such as rice, dal and other dry groceries.

SEA mainly works towards educating and empowering fisherman community children. In the past, Vibha has provided SEA with financial as well as strategic support so that outreach of SEA is extended to more youths of underrepresented communities of Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu. 

More pictures can be viewed by clicking here

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