April 2021 Newsletter

Vibha’s Ray of Light Campaign: Save India, Save Lives

India is facing a dangerous surge in new COVID-19 infections.  It is overwhelming the healthcare system of the nation leaving many families with no medical assistance. Vibha – A Ray of Light – is stepping up during these challenging times with an immediate disbursal of over USD$100,000 through our trusted partners in India making a difference in their local communities for the past 30 years. We are reaching out to thousands of families with immediate food and medical assistance to the impacted communities including shipping 100 oxygen concentrators ASAP to India. We cannot do this without your help!
Food and Hygiene Kit for 10 Families – $250
Food and Hygiene Kit for 20 Families – $500
1 Oxygen Concentrator – $800
 As our efforts increase to reach more and more families, we know that you have stepped up before and you will again. We absolutely need your support and along with our partners appreciate it now more than ever. The need is immense!

Donate on Vibha websitehttps://campaigns.vibha.org/campaigns/vibha-a-ray-of-light?utm_source=All+Patrons&utm_campaign=14d196c983-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_01_31_11_36_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_bb5994e307-14d196c983-59242254&mc_cid=14d196c983&mc_eid=4901fd0652&utm_source=All+Patrons&utm_campaign=55b3ea1282-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2021_04_30_08_23&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_bb5994e307-55b3ea1282-59035081&mc_cid=55b3ea1282&mc_eid=033dc5dc86

Donate on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/donate/175332637784115/

Gandhi, Lopez, and Keshava Family donate $10,000 towards Vibha`s Ray of Light campaign in memory of Dr. Sulochna Pradhan 

Dr. Sulochana Pradhan was a young, pleasant, beautiful doctor who specialized in the field of pathology. Her family loved her very much. There was a sort of competition between them to get the sports page in the morning whenever she was visiting them. They cherished attendance with Sulochana at Wimbledon and the number of memorable trips to Europe. The words that describe her the best are honesty, decency, sincerity, and sports fanatic. Sulochana left too soon—pleasant memories of her live on.

Vibha Connection- A Podcast Series

Vibha derives strength from all its stakeholders, the projects, the volunteers, the patrons, and donors. We wanted to create a forum that can serve as a source of information, a community for all these stakeholders. A place of learning and sharing for the entire Vibha family. This is the thought process behind this new initiative – a Podcast Series called Vibha Connection.

2021 Fundraising Events 

Trivia Night: RKVYC (Racine Kenosha Vibha Youth Club), founded by Dr. Sapna Patel and Murthy Munagavalasa in Dec 2017 with ~20 active members completed their first fundraising event “Vibha Trivia Night” this year. The club raised $1,055 from this event, Read more here https://rkvyc.weebly.com/.

Vibha Chicago’s Annual BollyX event was held on March 26th, 2021. With their ability to run the event virtually Roshini, a Vibha Chicago volunteer & a BollyX instructor collaborated with 13 different instructors from all over the USA to celebrate Indian Heritage & raise funds for Vibha  The event had 150 participants. A total of $2,324 was raised from the event this year.
Read details of the Trivia Night and BollyX events here

The Dallas Action Center has had around 20 events since the beginning of 2021, with their youth and adult volunteers contributing around 3000 hours towards initiatives like food drives for homeless people, education drives for Bhutanese refugee children, fundraisers such as bake sales and so on. By planning these events, the action center has been able to raise about $3000 so far. Read a detailed account of their activities here

Upcoming Events

Dream Voice 2021: Last date to register May 2 (Prelims)

Talent Contest: March 15th to May 15th

Annual Report 2019

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