Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal (RMKM)- Fast and furious in COVID times

When the COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc all over in India, Vibha’s on ground partner in Ajmer, Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal (RMKM) is taking actions at fast and furious pace. Below is a list of actions the team had been engaged and working on;

* They have been meeting medical officials of government primary health care centers to gauge the urgent requirements of the people with coronavirus infection in Ajmer as well as peripheral areas.

* The team is also planning to meet the District Collector to ensure smooth and transparent distribution of the materials to the people in need.

* Volunteers from RMKM are also collecting data of the people above 18 years of age with special needs making sure that they also get the covid-19 vaccination as soon as possible.

* A team of RMKM volunteers is also making sure that children and people with special needs or health conditions are given priority for the food distribution.

* The pandemic has also impacted livelihood of the residents of Ajmer. Hence, RMKM is also working towards developing a Livelihood Support Program.

* When the second wave of COVID-19 hit India, RMKM started “relief and service work” for people with special needs and with disabilities. Mr. Rampal Jat (the Addional District and Sessions Judge and the secretary of the District Legal Services Authority) flagged off a service vehicle to RMKM for distribution of ration materials, medicines, soaps, masks, etc.

With the permission of the District Collector of Ajmer, Mr. Prakash Rajpurohit, RMKM strated a food distribution service, called Annapurna Sewa vehicle.

The RMKM volunteers identified about 500 families (marginalized as well as with people with disabilities) to whom they served during this phase.

* Not only all this, RMKM also took up the most important task- that is to educate the  people of Ajmer about the pandemic itself as well as importance of getting vaccinated. For this purpose they are holding rallies and campaigns in collaboration with the Ajmer police department.

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