September 2020 Newsletter

Mohalla Gatividhi Kendras:
Alternate Strategies to Ensure Learning in the Times of Covid19
-Written by Deep Ranjani Rai

Eklavya, one of the projects Vibha partners in Madhya Pradesh, was set up in 1982 and is an organization deeply embedded in concepts, notions, thoughts, and actions, all geared towards a better education for children. Their focus has not been only on academic development but has also emphasized the need for the holistic development of children.  Eklavya also believes that public education falls under the realm of the government, the work of organizations such as theirs are the helping hands and stepping stones.

The new year 2020 brought with it an unprecedented global pandemic and people found ways to survive through this either by finding alternative career paths for themselves or finding unconventional ways for their child’s education. 

Eklavya found it difficult to continue holding learning centers and classes as the government tightened the policies to fight the pandemic. Eklavya’s stakeholders- the parents, were worried about their children’s halted education and so they approached the Eklavya staff to tell them that they were ready to take the responsibility for these centers’ activities and were willing to be answerable to the government authorities, when and if needed, but education should not stop. With their help, Eklavya came up with an idea of starting learning centers in mohallas, calling them as Mohalla Gatividhi Kendra (MGK), which would be run by parents or designated community leaders. (Read More)


Vindali Vartak joins the Vibha Board

We are very excited to share the news that Vindali Vartak has joined the Vibha Board. President Ron Victor says; “I am pleased to announce the addition of Vindali to the Vibha Inc board. She has led various national initiatives at Vibha over her long distinguished tenure. She will continue to lead over Global innovation efforts along with her new board responsibilities.”

For the past 10 years, Vindali has volunteered with Vibha.  Along with envisioning, executing, and scaling Vibe (a high profile fundraiser that has raised close to million dollars over three years), Vindali has worn numerous hats for Vibha, including serving as a solution/project lead for 3 years, being the default emcee for events in Atlanta,  experimenting with virtual events like Dream Mike X in pre-COVID -19 times, and developing & facilitating Vibha’s leadership program. She has served as Vibha’s Global Innovation Leader since 2017 and focused on growing Vibha’s footprint globally. (Read More)


Vibha Partners with Community in Schools, Chicago 

Communities In Schools (CIS) of Chicago is a dropout prevention organization that works with K–12 public school students who are at high risk of falling off the track. They provide direct social, emotional, and case management support and connect low-income students to a wealth of community resources that bolster them on the path to high school graduation. 

Vibha is very proud of being able to support their efforts during this pandemic by funding $5,000 in support of their technology needs, helping to provide their staff with the updated equipment needed to ensure engagement continuity with Chicago public school students. Jane Mentzinger, Chief Executive Officer, Communities In Schools of Chicago, expressed her gratitude: “My deep and sincere thanks and appreciation for Vibha’s support of Communities In Schools of Chicago. Our technology needs are growing by the minute. Your contribution will help ensure that we can better serve our students now and throughout the school year.”


Dream Mile X, Vibha`s first virtual global run/walk event received an

overwhelming response. 4400+ participants from 11 countries made this a truly global phenomenon. We are truly grateful and thank everybody for your participation and support especially during these times. 

A big shout out to our Gold Sponsors:  33 holdings, Equifax, Global Payments, Mayer Brown, North Fulton Smiles, UPS, Novartis, Shah Family Foundation, and Metroplex Medical Centre.

Silver sponsors: ACS group, BRC International, Change Healthcare, Manhattan Associates, Six Consulting, ITV Gold TV Channel, Parikh Worldwide Media, and Tech Mahindra

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