A Tale of Many Dreams -Collected and written by Asha Devi

Hasina Anand, Program Officer in CORP India

Last month, results of Board Examination (both State Board and Central Board) were announced in India. Amidst the uncertainty due to the global pandemic, the Board Examination results triggered hope for better tomorrow in the mind of the youths all across the country. Likewise, the students from CORP India, Mumbai who appeared 10th and 12th Board examinations this year were excited to start new chapters of their life after results were announced. Along with the students, there was another person from CORP India shelter home who was equally delighted for the students. It was none other than their “Hasina Ma’am”. Therefore, to celebrate the success of the students, who would be the better person than their “Hasina Ma’am”? Picture1

Moreover, after interacting with Deepali Dhwale and other students from CORP India, I had a strong desire to talk to Hasina Anand. Hasina Anand is one of the Program Officers of CORP India, Mumbai. She has been working for CORP India for 37 years now. In CORP India, she has been working simultaneously on three projects; Thane project (Shelter Home for the street Children), Amarnath Project and Durga Devi Project(Street Children).

Hasina Anand has been associated with the Thane Project the most, and Vibha has been supporting the same project for 16 years. Even though I have not met Hasina Anand, this name came up frequently during my interaction with the students. The students would always say that “Hasina Ma’am” has been taking care of us and supporting us in every step of our life in CORP India. Hence, I chose to interact with Hasina Anand to discuss about the board examination results.

When I asked Hasina Anand about the board examination results, she shared that she felt extremely happy that she was part of the journey which gave the kids a good life, and today these students have passed one milestone of their lives with their hard work and dedication. She added that out of nine students who cleared 12th standard board examination, four students secured above 60% and the other five secured 2nd class. In 10th standard board examination, out of 15 students, 8 students secured more than 70%, and the rest students secured more than 45%. She also shared about the goals of these students. The students aspire to join different colleges in Mumbai. While some students aspire to study nursing, some students envision their lives working in MNCs.

“This is not a one day work but decade in the making,” said Hasina Anand. She added, “They are the same students who had seen so much hardship in their lives. Today, they have challenged their situations and surpassed all the problems to dream big.” She said that she is very proud of her team and she thanked Vibha for the support which has enabled these students to achieve their goal. The collective effort of the team has paid off, now her students are working towards pursuing their careers as engineers , doctors, army personal, interior designer,  and nurses among many.

When I asked Hasina Anand about the changes she has noticed at her work, she replied with pride “16 years ago, there were more than 300 school dropout children from the slum community where we work mostly. We used to take care of these students. Today, I am delighted to share with you that the same dropout rate among the community has got down to less than 10%.”

We, at Vibha, work towards supporting and empowering such young minds to help them fulfil their dreams and spread light. Vibha has been supporting CORP India’s Vidya Sagar Vikas Kendra (Shelter home for girls)  since 2006. It supports slum children; encourages, helps them to acquire education to gain knowledge and skills for improving their lives and communities. After completing their 12th grade, children from the shelter home attend university or quality non-degree training programs, and lead self-dependent lives with the support of CORP India.


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