The Bollywood Trivia -By Hardik Trivedi

The NJ action center hosted a virtual Bollywood Trivia event on 28th June. The idea came from a rising junior volunteer Rohan, who wanted to have this event earlier and then COVID 19 scare arrived and we could not manage to have this event at a physical venue. But then Rohan came up with the idea of organizing a virtual event. bollywood trivia

The entire show, starting from the tech platforms to building the quiz, was arranged by Rohan and also hosted by him and supported by his parents. This is a true example of the strength of our youth and their potential to take Vibha to next level.

The event had almost 90 registrations and the action center was able to raise $13,500. The Bollywood Trivia format was very well received by the participants and it was a great, fun filled 90-minute show with enthusiastic families. There were prizes for the best theme / virtual background and for the overall top 3 correct answers. Participants came in with the true Bollywood spirit. Youth participants swept away the best theme prizes, whereas the contest winner was a senior participant who knew almost everything about the greatest, latest and oldest Bollywood!

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