July 2020 Newsletter

A tale of grit and courage is a success story of 22-year old Deepali Dhwale, written by Asha Devi, the Program Manager in India. Deepali lost both her parents very early in life and after that she came under the care of CORP-India (Community Outreach Program), where she grew and flourished to become an independent and self-reliant young woman. 

“Don’t lose confidence or hope if the situation in your life is bad. You can achieve anything through hard work, will power, persistence and hope for a better tomorrow. Trust yourself and things will definitely change for you”. This strong message comes from Deepali. And it shows her courageous and self-assertive personality even at this young age. This article by Asha Devi depicts Deepali’s triumphant journey toward success. Read the complete article here.

To know more about CORP-India, click here.


One of Vibha’s long-time partners, Baikunthpur Tarun Sangha (BTS), has been working relentlessly toward relief camps for the victims and survivors of the Amphan cyclone. 

The second article Cyclone Amphan Relief Efforts by Pragya Shekhawat talks about great efforts that BTS has been making to help the affected people in the villages of Baikunthpur taluka/tehesil in West Bengal and how Vibha has been helping them. Click here to read the full article. 

To know more about BTS, about their vision and mission as well as more success stories, click here.


The third article Providing relief to survivors of Cyclone Amphan by Diksha Srishyla for this month also highlights relief camps for people stricken by the Amphan cyclone by another partner of Vibha, Swanirwar. 

This article predominantly is an update for the initiative that Swanirwar started, partnering with Vibha to assist with the response to Cyclone Amphan in West Bengal. It does not only talk in detail about the difficulties the villagers faced due to the cyclone, but also depicts the unremitting endeavours of the volunteers despite of the obstructions that came in their way to successfully helping the people. Read the complete account here.


And the last article in this series falls into the “A Ray of Light” category- an initiative by Vibha to provide immediate food assistance to migrant laborers and their families during these extremely difficult times of a global pandemic. Click here to read more about the “A Ray of Light” campaign.

As a part of this initiative, all action centers in the US are working together with VIbha’s partners in India toward providing help to the lives affected by the pandemic. The action centers in the US have been planning virtual events to raise funds and the raised money go mainly toward child education, providing them with digital tools, like laptops and chrome books, so that their learning is not hindered during the time of this health crisis.

The NJ action center recently organized a virtual event, called The Bollywood Trivia. An article here, talks about how they planned and executed this event, how the participants’ response was to it and much more. 


In the end, a very important announcement that this DM X Flyernewsletter makes is about Vibha’s Flagship event The Dream Mile X (DM X).

The Dream Mile X (DM X) is the virtual & global version of Vibha’s Flagship Fundraiser, The Dream Mile. September 1-30, 2020 is the event month. DM X will be Vibha’s biggest virtual fundraiser in 2020, with an anticipated participation goal of 5,000+ patrons across the USA & India, with likely participation from other countries like Singapore, Dubai, etc.

Participants will receive T-shirt and a medal! Register today at www.dreammile.org and support this great cause! #dreammile4kids #vibha

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