June 2020 Newsletter

Vibha’s newsletter for the month of June focuses on one success story from India, a relief camp for victims of the cyclone, Amphan by Vibha’s partner Swanirwar as well as fundraising activities done by action centers in the US as a part of ‘A Ray of Light’ campaign’, for COVID affected families.


Journey towards hope is a story of Bhupendra, a 13-year-old young man, written by Asha Devi, the Program Manager in India. How his life was transformed by Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal (RMKM)’s program for children with special needs.

This article also talks about how Vibha is connected with RMKM and the sort of assistance it provides to RMKM’s Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program.

Some information about CBR can be found through the following link’


A complete article about Bhupendra can be found through the link below;



Then comes a brief write up along with some links for news articles about a relief camp for victims of one of the strongest cyclones in history, Amphan, that hit West Bengal and Bangladesh, by Diksha Srishyla.

Providing relief to survivors of Cyclone Amphan talks about how Vibha and Swanirwar (Vibha’s partner) worked unitedly to provide help to the affected families.

Below are the links learn more about Vibha’s involvement with Swanirwar and also a complete article about the Amphan Relief Work;




Third important part of this newsletter is about A ray Of Light campaign, Vibha has started to provide immediate food assistance to migrant laborers and their families during these extremely difficult times of a global pandemic.


To raise funds for this campaign, various action centers have been organizing online/virtual events all over the United States. The New Jersey action center organized a virtual comedy night event last month, and recently two more action centers came up with their virtual hits- The Dream Voice by Atlanta action center, and A Cooking Workshop by the Bay Area action center.

Below are the links for Cooking For A Cause (Written by Pragya Shekhawat) as well as The Dream Voice (Written by Ruchi Iyengar & Seema Pillai) events. The Dream Voice contest was a virtual fundraiser organized by VIBHA in partnership with Shankar Mahadevan Academy and Anand Entertainment;





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