Dream Mile with a twist!

This year, on Saturday, March 30th, Vibha LA had organized the Dream Mile event. The Action Center had planned this event after a 7-year gap, but this time they came back with a twist- they made it a ‘color run’, combining Holi celebration with Dream Mile.

In the basic planning and execution, about 20 core team members, more than 30 youth volunteers as well as volunteers from local schools and clubs were involved.

The volunteers publicized this event by putting posters at local Indian stores as well as distributing flyers during local running events. They also started a Facebook campaign, which helped them mainly to attract non-Indian runners.

This event turned out to be a huge success for the LA Action Center. More than 400 people participated in the run and about $7500 were raised.

Since this event was planned after a long gap, the volunteers faced many challenges, starting from developing a website to designing posters and flyers. There were only a couple of volunteers, who had some experience of organizing such events. Team spirit was also a bit low  in the beginning because the Action Center had no success stories about planning such huge events in the past. But after all  the obstacles, the volunteers succeeded in accomplishing their goal with their great dedication and commitment.

After this grandiose success, the Action Center strive to plan many more such events every year.


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