Dream Mile X

Vibha action centers have been planning and succeeding in Dream Mile events at local levels throughout the US since many years. This year, for the very first time, the national team came up with a very innovative idea of uniting people from all over the world for a great cause that Vibha has been working towards for over 2 decades. It was called Dream Mile X- a virtual form of Dream Mile, where people from different corners of the world united, virtually, and contributed towards a single mission to support Vibha. The motto of Dream Mile X was that if you wish to make a difference you can and in your own way – where ever you are, because the participants had liberty to choose a type of activity they wanted to do, whether to walk, run, bike or hike, length of the activity (from 1 K to full marathon).

The pilot event was kicked off about 2 weeks before the event date, where Vibha volunteers, both in the United States as well as in India, were reached out, requesting their participation in the pilot Dream Mile X. Within a couple of hours, volunteers from various cities in US and India showed their enthusiasm towards this novel concept and they all were ready to reach out more people in order to make a bigger difference.

The event was held on October 7, 2018. And on this big day, there were 110 participants from different cities in the US, such as Seattle WA, Atlanta GA, Columbus OH, Charlotte NC, etc and in India, such as Pune MH, Mumbai MH, Bangalore KA, etc. Not only that, some enthusiasts also joined in from other parts of the globe, like Dubai UAE and Manama, Bahrain.


After looking at the statistics, this initiative under Vibha’s innovative hub, definitely succeeded in not only growing its footprints in the established action centers, but also in sowing new seeds in cities, where there were no action centers. The mission with which this initiative began, that is to provide a platform to everyone and anyone who wants to make a difference, was accomplished successfully.

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