NY/NJ Dream Mile – 2nd Anniversary of Success! By Dipen Mehta

The 2nd edition of the annual Vibha NY/NJ Dream Mile 5K Run and Walk was a fabulous
success! youthHeld on Saturday, September 15th in Skillman Park, NJ, the event had 450 registrations, with many new registrations from people outside the immediate volunteer network. The success was possible only due to the tremendous energy and work that more than 50 volunteers had put in throughout the summer months. These volunteers successfully gained the support of 4 new sponsors and maintained their partnership with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

The participants, sponsors, and volunteers gave feedback, just like last year, commending the professionality, organization, and enthusiasm of the volunteers. grannyThe participants ran along the beautiful new route and socialized with other participants and volunteers. With a range of activities to take part in—live music, DJ, Indian Dhol, and activities like face painting and henna for kids—the participants had a blast, and at the same time helping out in a great cause!

Once again, this was the result of the volunteers’ amazing dedication towards spreading Vibha’s cause loud and clear. More specifically, the stars of the show were the youth volunteers, who demonstrated significant leadership throughout the event. The adult volunteers felt inspired when they saw the youth volunteers lay the foundations to become future leaders who use their abilities to create a positive impact in their local communities and beyond.

The guest of honor was 15-year-old Rhea Alatur, Rheathe New Jersey Special Olympian soon to represent the United States in the Special Olympics in Seattle. Rhea was truly a representation of Vibha’s goal of empowering children towards their success and helping them reach their full potential.

Overall, this event was a resounding accomplishment for the Vibha NY/NJ team, and one
volunteer reported that their “objective of spreading the Vibha message, signing more volunteers, raising money and overall involving the youth was successfully met,”.

For more information about the Dream Mile or the NY/NJ Action Center, please see this link:

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