Every Drop Counts: NJ Youth Volunteers Host Local Blood Drive – By Sneha Kadiyala

One of the hallmarks of the Vibha organization is the dedication of all of its volunteers ranging from the adults who have been part of Vibha for decades to the youngest middle school students eager to help their peers across the sea in India. When not preparing for Vibha-sponsored events such as the Dream Mile, they are still hard at work often collaborating with local charities to continue to help those in their community. Using Vibha’s network of connections, one group of dedicated youth volunteers, led by Nummair Attar, did just that. Collaborating with the New Jersey Red Cross Society, this team organized their very own blood drive. Beginning preparations a month in advance, they diligently advertised by setting up booths in front of local companies like Retro Fitness and community centers like the Durga Mandir. Through their hard work, they brought in more than 55 donors to the Durga Temple on February 25th.

The donations collected through this event are important in their versatility. Donated blood saves lives during heart surgery or liver transplants and immediately available stores of platelets are the difference between life and death for trauma victims. Cancer patients struggling through the daunting process of chemotherapy and radiation can require up to eight of these transfusions a week. The blood collected through this event has the potential to save more than 150 lives.

This event and these youth volunteers embody the true spirit of Vibha. They believe and support the mission to spread education and empower impoverished children in India, but they also go one step beyond and spread empowerment to their local communities. Their passion for service made a sizeable impact on the lives of hundreds of patients and their initiative defines them as Vibha volunteers.

To learn more about Red Cross Blood Drives and instructions on how to sponsor your own event, please visit: https://www.redcrossblood.org/hosting-blood-drive


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