Vibha Vibe 2017

vibe 2

As it is known, all Action Centers frequently come up with novel ideas every now and then to raise funds for Vibha supported projects in India. Recently, on November 11, 2017, NJ/NY Action Center had organized a high profile and high-energy dance competition, ‘Vibe- Dancing for a Cause’, where total 13 teams involving a choreographer and star participant gave out vibrant performances. The hall was filled with more than 240 enthusiasts of human services who had come to encourage Vibha’s work and cheer the participants. Pooja Batra, model and Bollywood actress, was invited as a Chief Guest, who orchestrated the fundraising drive during the event, encouraging the guests to contribute for the noble purpose.

Vibha, over the years, has developed various “Donor friendly” means to raise funds, where not only Vibha volunteers but also the donors can feel connected to Vibha. Vibe was one of such unconventional ways to build bonds among patrons and beneficiaries. The Star participants were to choose a project out of 33 Vibha supported projects to raise funds for by setting up pledge pages on Facebook and Vibe website.

Vibe- Dancing for A Cause was basically a cultural fundraising event that involved local leaders with an intent to generate more visibility for Vibha, having the donors form a personal connection with the Cause and sharing their joy of Giving with their friends and family. The format of the event was very simple; as the ‘Star’ performers would pair up with their choreographers and compete on the floor in a Dance face-off.3FF9E687-60E9-4081-AE40-D19DA0D19C0F Awards for best performance, dancer, choreography and costume were given out. The team that was able to raise the highest funds was also recognized at the event. During the event, several people were acknowledged for their contributions toward the great cause including Dr. Sudhir Parikh, publisher of Desi Talk and recipient of India’s Padma Shri award, Rupal Patil, a partner at Ernst & Young, and Raj Rajpal, a well-known finance radio show host. There were a few volunteers from the event organization team who spoke about Vibha, the list includes Keyur Shah (who also conducted the proceedings), Murtuza Attar (one of the leading volunteers of the NJ/NY action Center) and Seema Chetal (member of Vibha’s advisory board).

The event, mainly organized by Keyur Shah with the collaborative efforts of other lead volunteers, Murtuza Attar, Seema Pillay, was a grand success, where through the synergic efforts of all the volunteers, performers and guests, a big amount of $100,000 was raised.

Besides the dance competition, silent auction was held too where a few paintings, some designer dresses and gift certificates from Ashley’s furniture were put out for bidding. Medha Atre, one of the performers, donated her paintings along with the paintings by Ashiwini Sirur. Anita Dongre, a fashion designer, donated some of her designer dresses for the auction. This was a very first attempt of Silent Auction, which was successfully executed by Ranjeeta Singh, with the help of Ami Patel and Meera Rao. At the end of the event, they could raise $2500.

This event was a grand success- a perfect example of showing that Vibha, not only works towards raising funds for the beneficiaries but at the same time, it ensures that the patrons feel connected to these beneficiaries while making donations.




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