NJ/NY Action Center Celebrates Inaugural Dream Mile Success! -By Sneha Kadiyala

The Dream Mile, often the largest fundraising effort held by Vibha Action Centers, is a major undertaking with volunteers beginning preparations months in advance. While the New York/New Jersey Action Center executed their Inaugural Dream Mile this year, the dedication of their volunteers made it seem like they had years of practice.

Beginning the sunny September day with an 8:30 a.m. yoga session in Skillman Park, they skillfully navigated the participants through warm-up stretches and to the starting5 line for the race’s kick-off at 9:00 a.m. With more than 70 dedicated volunteers ranging in age from middle-school students to adults, all of the volunteers poured their energy into a combined effort that allowed the event day to progress without a hitch. With almost 500 participants and numerous kids activities, food stands, and festive music surrounding the starting line of the race, the atmosphere of the race was lively and exciting. Adding to the enthusiasm of all the volunteers and participants was the knowledge that they would be helping a great cause. Vibha raises money for projects across India that help underprivileged children reach their potential. Efforts range from equipping them with necessary school materials to providing a safe, nurturing environment for children with disabilities.


Skillman Park was a red and blue sea, with participants sporting red shirts and volunteers in blue. Everyone was excited to spend time with their community and reach out to help those in need thousands of miles away.

This Inaugural Dream Mile raised more than $12,000, with 10% of the funding donated to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Bag Project of Princeton, New Jersey, a foundation that supplies a bag of essential items to children in need.

1To learn more about the Dream Mile or the NY/NJ Action Center, please click here.

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