Gandhian Organization of Rural Development -By Sneha Kadiyala

Throughout the year, various Vibha Action Centers along with local volunteers conduct fundraisers to raise money. These volunteers and the patrons of such events are all dedicated to helping students in India receive help and education they deserve, but few understand the specific use of these funds. Vibha is a catalyst charity. That means it generates fundraising efforts and distributes these funds among different program models. If these programs are successful, Vibha helps this model seed in other states in India efficiently creating projects that can reach the most amount of children.

One of these successful Vibha supported efforts is the Ghandian Organization of Rural Development (GORD). They supply desperately needed school supplies to rural students whose parents cannot afford to purchase them themselves. While school supplies are a dime a dozen in the United States, their importance in education is often underestimated. Without graph paper and basic maps, rural students couldn’t practice for 20% of the questions on the national exams.

Throughout the years, the program has many success stories. Sumiya and Bhanu, two students attending a rural high school in Mulakalacheruvu, both received seats at IIT, the Harvard equivalent of India. Bhanu’s parents both worked physical labor jobs, a fate Bhanu would have been destined to without a quality education.

GORD also helps younger students. Malleshwari, a thirteen year old student, encountered many obstacles during her education. Her parents were migrant workers and their meager income was shared between them, Malleshwari and her five sisters, as well as Malleshwari’s grandparents. Ten people were struggling to 13feed and clothe themselves stretching the minimum wage incomes of Malleshwari’s parents. Through the materials and mentorship provided by GORD, Malleshwari rose above her struggles and won the first place prize in her district for her science fair project titled “Solar Power in the Agrarian Sector.”

When asked about the impact that GORD had on her life, Malleshwari says, “I lost all hopes of a bright future, life was always a struggle as we had to exist with what little we had. I used to be very shy and was hesitant to participate in any events. I had attended the leadership trainings provided by GORD-VIBHA and it was for the first time I gained confidence to speak out my mind. Thanks to the constant encouragement of my mentors, I was able to present my project and secure first place a the district level science competition.”

If you want to learn more about the Ghandian Organization for Rural Develepmont, please visit their Facebook page at


One thought on “Gandhian Organization of Rural Development -By Sneha Kadiyala

  1. Kalyani Chervela says:

    Very happy to see the success of Vibha GORD collaboration. I had introduced GORD to Vibha several years ago to help develop a school in my ancestral village. Thanks to late V.P.Rama Rao I.A.S who made it his mission to improve the village, the dedicated members of GORD and the relentless efforts of Vibha that such success stories are possible.

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