Bhagvatulya Charitable Trust

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Bhagvatulya Charitable Trust (BCT) is a non-profit organization in the villages of Visakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh; since 1976 actively working towards transfiguration of these villages by employing its highly participatory approach to teaching and learning. Its aim is to promote continuous self-improvement in the quality of lives of the villagers by creating insights for their own problems and generating opportunities at their doorsteps for utilizing their resources most efficiently to erase these complications from their lives.

BCT works as a facilitator as well as motivator. To make the villagers’ lives smooth, BCT, over the years, has come up with various programs and initiatives which could help them lead simpler lives, without any hassles and hurdles. BCT has covered almost all aspects of the villagers’ lives; ranging from education, rehabilitation and skills development to agriculture. In this journey, Vibha has been supporting BCT for more than a decade now.

Ever since its inception in 1976, BCT has brought miraculous changes in the villages of Visakhapattanam and hence it has thousands of success stories to put in front of us, which makes us put confidence in Bhagvatulya Charitable Trust, proving that it is no less than a perfect Institution of teaching.

I came across this story of Kalam Kalyani Ganesh Ramya, Ramya1who lives in Nagapuram village and is a very eager learner. Ramya got her primary education from a BCT supported school in her village only. But after completing it, she had to walk 4 km daily to the neighboring village, for higher education. The gravel laden and unpaved roads made her daily commute wearying. And this routine exhaustion started showing in her performance in the school. Here is when BCT entered again in the life of its bright student, providing herRamya with a bicycle and making her journey towards achieving her dreams free of any obstacles. Upon completion of her studies, Ramya wants to work as a teacher and open a school in her village so that she can help other children attain their dreams without having to travel long distances.

This narrative is one of the hundreds of such instances where BCT staff proved that how committed they all are to the mission they have conceived years ago. BCT is wearing many hats such as education, rehabilitation, vocational training and agriculture and as years pass it gets golden feathers added to these hats with the support and great, passionate efforts of its staff and other groups and organizations like Vibha.



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