“When talent meets benevolence…!!!” Article by Sneha Kadiyala

Graduation parties are times to celebrate the efforts and achievements of students who have gone through a grueling educational journey and come out successful. Graduates usually get a bunch of presents helping them transition to a next level of their lives. Few forego these gifts and even fewer use their celebrations as a way to raise funds for a charitable cause.

Krithika Malai, one of the youth volunteers with the Vibha DC Action Center, established herself as an exceptional exemplar during her graduation ceremony by grabbing this opportunity to fundraise for the children in India who are not as privileged as she is, who want and deserve to be educated but have monetary barriers.

Krithika, a talented singer, organized a musical event showcasing her talent as well as talents of the musicians she admired and worked with. These amazing solo and group acts were accompanied by a live band. Organizing such an event took weeks of preparation, coordinating the presence of a band, practicing multiple songs involved in the performance, and advertising this event to her community. Krithika’s ambition proved successful with a packed auditorium.

Through her relentless dedication and altruism, Krithika managed to singlehandedly raise over 1800 dollars, enough to support 107 children for a year of their education! She is indeed a shining example of selfless volunteering and she proved that such devoted volunteers are at the foundation of the organization, who have supported Vibha over the past two decades.

By thinking of such an innovative idea to fundraise, Krithika has demonstrated her intense passion for Vibha and zest for helping children in India.

I am very much excited to share a link to the video of Krithika’s performance- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPEzTJR5rNM&feature=youtu.be

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