Vibha leaves a mark at the NGO Expo – A conglomeration of non-profits and corporates from across India == Mathangi Ramakrishnan


NGO Expo is an international event, organized with the aim to bring together World’s leading NGOs, NPOs, Charitable Trusts and Foundations. The recently-concluded Asia Edition of the event, was co-sponsored by Vibha.

This two-day event, organized by CSR Live Week at the World Trade Center in Mumbai, brought together over 150 non-profit organizations, 300 corporate companies and over 7,500 visitors. The event encompassed a conference, an exhibition, awards for social good and the launch of this year’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Good Book.

Vibha also set up a booth at the event and it turned out to be an interesting stop-over for visitors, where the entire Vibha team from India was present, having dialogues with guests about various development challenges and some of the out-of- box solutions Vibha has been propagating.3Vibha Project Team members— Bangalore ACC Ebnezer Vidyasagar, Maryma Scotlin Sargunam, Deep Ranjani Rai, Jyoti Wadmare, Vibha’s Trustee/Board Member Keyur Shah, with Vibha CSR lead Dipika Gupta

4Vibha’s booth at the expo was visited by a myriad of people from different corporate sectors and NGOs. Many of them expressed interest in Vibha’s work, ongoing projects and the possibility of partnering for sustainable solutions to development challenges, particularly those affecting children. A couple of existing Vibha partner organizations – CORP India and Children Toy Foundation – were also incidentally there among all the exhibitors. They visited Vibha’s booth often over the two days with visitors and proudly announced Vibha as their funders. CTF also performed a short song at Vibha’s booth, which attracted more attenders and was admired by everyone. Here is a link to the song performed.

The first-line focus of the conference was on “CSR for Social Good and its impact”. Panel discussions were also conducted on a range of topics, viz., non-profit management, fundraising, donor relations, accounting, marketing and non-profit technology.

Mr. Keyur Shah, Vibha US Director,  was one of the speakers at the conference. 1He spoke about involvement of beneficiaries in designing and planning of development initiatives, and how such engagement can benefit the program in short and long-terms. He was also a part of the CSR Good Book launch (The CSR Good Book is a chronicle of noted development initiatives by Corporates, CSR Foundations, Trusts and other non-profits making a significant impact on the society). The book also contained a two-page article on Vibha’s valuable offerings to the society for all these 25 years.


Ms. Dipika Gupta, Director – CSR & Partnership at Vibha, also delivered a speech about “Metrics and the Measurement of Tangibles and Intangibles” in a development program. She emphasized on importance of both qualitative and quantitative parameters that a corporate should consider while assessing a development program. We, at Vibha, strongly believe that such indices are essential for ensuring effectiveness of any project or development model.

While sharing Vibha’s modus operandi and accomplishments at the Expo, our team also got a chance to interact with other troupes and learn about their work.

Vibha takes a great deal of pride in being a supporter of such an exhibition which brought a variety of non-profits and catalysts of social change together, to showcase and share their knowledge on contemporaneous issues of the society.


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