Bay Area Youth Spell Victory!

By: Sneha Kadiyala

The Vibha Youth chapter in the Bay Area action center has been an inspiration in their dedication and perseverance these past few months. Already, they pulled off not one but two events in January of this year. The first event held on January 24th was a Vibha Feb_A2_5

The second youth run event was a blood drive on January 30th. It was done in conjunction with the Stanford Blood Center and helped find over twenty viable samples of blood and drew together more than thirty people. While this event was not directly related to Feb_A2_1Vibha’s mission statement, it is still linked to the heart and soul of Vibha. At its core, Vibha is about giving back to the community and the youth volunteers in the Bay Area did just that possibly saving the lives of twenty five people. This event was organized by Devika, who then continued to form a Vibha Youth club at her own school! Congratulations to all of the Vibha Bay Area team and good luck on upcoming events. If you are interested in joining the Bay Area Action Center, please click here.  


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