Adopt a project

We can’t all be Clark Kent and step into a telephone box an ordinary guy, step out with superhuman strength. We can’t all don masks and wipe the streets of crime, shoot spiderwebs out of our wrists, or wield Mjolnir. But we can, in our own way, be superheroes.

avengers Image via Flickr / Flickr

Superheroes, it turns out, are just regular people like you and me. People who donate when they can, give something of themselves, try to make a difference. Want to meet some of your fellow Avengers?

This project focuses on non-formal education for out of school children in India, with a particular emphasis on the importance of education for girls. Since 2003, around 1000 girls have enrolled in the programme and gone on to further studies or training.

Jan Madhyam
Rehabilitation within the community is at the centre of this project, identifying disabled poor children and providing customised help.

Saath caters for the children of migrant labourers, providing an alternative to traditional education.

Why do they do that?

Every night, thousands of children across India go to sleep hungry, without even the basics of a bed to find comfort in. Every day, these same children wake to a life amounting to nothing more than keeping going. No education. No goals. No future.

Together, we can make a difference to these children and give them both a childhood and a future.

Sounds like pretty superhero-style stuff to us.


Image via Flickr / Flickr

So what do these projects have in common?

This year, we at Vibha are reaching out to you to Adopt A Project.

Vibha, with over 20 years of experience and investments of more than $10 million in 250 projects, invites you to join in our drive to find far-reaching

As a social venture catalyst, Vibha helps to fund ventures that seed, grow and scale from grass roots, ensuring that changes are felt throughout the to the systemic difficulties faced by underprivileged children in India.

Through Adopt A Project you can:

  • Choose your cause and donate to a specific project pre-screened by Vibha
  • Fund raise for a specific project by setting up campaigns
    Invite friends and family to support a project that you are passionate about
  • Receive reports from projects you have supported.

So put down that cape, and step away from the shrinking gas. Want to be a superhero today? Adopt A Project.

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