Vibha Raleigh Durham’s Dream Mile Success!

Vibha Raleigh is a relatively new action center that pulled off an incredible Dream Mile last month. The Vibha volunteers in Vibha Raleigh carried the event out successfully. This dedicated team worked steadily helped grow different sectors of Vibha Raleigh, including the youth group who took on more responsibility this year even establishing pledge pages. While they have been together for a short time, the core group felt like a family after working on this event.

“Our main goal at the center is to have fun!” says Hetal, one of the volunteers at the action center. While striving to have fun, the hardworking team managed to raise 16,985 dollars for Vibha which was 113% of their goal. A record number of pledge pages weroct_1_4e created helping to contribute to the amount raised. When asked of the cause of their success, Hetal shared that the youth were a main driver by keeping everyone on their toes. “They made sure the pledge drive was in momentum and helped set up the race day packages. They showed up at the venue at 6 am to help us setup!”

The youth were very active along with the adult volunteers even setting up a number of pledge pages themselves. Manyoct_1_2 participants acknowledged the success of the event and
asked to be told when this event happened next year. One even wrote that it was so much fun “that it felt more selfish than charity.” Congratulations to Vibha Raleigh on executing a wonderful event while helping empower, enable, and educate children in India! Check them out on Facebook: Vibha Raleigh-Durham


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