Vibha-Chicago Gives Back!

By: Priya Balachandran

Vibha-Chicago conducts events for awareness, fundraising and community service making the volunteer’s time beneficial to the community as well as to volunteer himself. The Art of IMG_3755Giving was aimed at creating awareness about child welfare, the Vibha’s cause, as well as to raise funds for the cause all while still having fun. The event was a mashup of a Zumba dance party and a children’s Halloween party to provide both children and adults with fun. The goal was accomplished with every participant coming away with an amazing experience. Fitness, fundraising, and fun were all celebrated during The Art of Giving.

The event was conducted on October 24th, a fine Saturday evening, in the Chicago Suburb area at Bollywood Rhythms studio. This was the fourth event for this year, apart from 2 community events and an awareness event. The workout lasted for an hour, with short relaxation breaks in between. It helped get the blood pumping, and everybody was having fun. For the children, we had a Halloween costume contest, candies, entertainment activities, and games. The event stimulated interest in Vibha locally. Most of the participants were very enthusiastic and assured to come back for future Vibha-Chicago’s events. Some were so impressed with Vibha that they wanted to sign-up as volunteer. Increasing IMG_3738volunteers for the action center was the cherry on top of this wonderful event. The adults weren’t the only ones who enjoyed it though. The children who participated in the Halloween activities had so much fun that they didn’t want us to wrap-up the event!

Vibha benefitted from this event also. We raised about 3-4 times the amount we spent. The Zumba instructor volunteered herself to do the workshop without charging a fee, and a local vendor also supported us by offering 50% of their day’s sales to the event. The Indian Community In Naperville group helped us to spread the word. The studio offered to support Vibha by publicizing us in all their concerts and programs. Overall the event went on well and everyone had fun. To support Vibha Chicago, please make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram @ VibhaChicago. (Article by Priya Balachandran).


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