Help Them Grow

What do you schedule automated payments for? Utilities? Magazine subscriptions? That shiny new iPhone that you’re still not convinced is actually any different from the last one?

Image via Wikimedia / Wikimedia

Did you know you can also use automated payments to give a child a meal? A bed? An education?

It is an unfortunate truth that every night, millions of children across India go to sleep hungry without a proper home or a school day to dread in the morning. And as nice as a chance to sleep in might sound, if your stomach is growling and your teeth are chattering with cold, ‘sleeping in’ starts to sound more like a hardship than a treat. Even with the chance of education, many children across India don’t have the focus and drive to study because of a lack of the basics that we take for granted; namely food, shelter, and health.


But you can help with that. With Vibha’s flagship program Help Them Grow, you can be sure that your automated donation will be channelled into providing food, shelter, education and health care on a consistent and continual basis. To give you some idea of the the way you can help, a month contribution of:

$100 supports a teacher’s salary
$75 supports a non-formal education center attended by 25 children
$30 supports education and health care of a mentally challenged child
$20 supports education, health care and shelter for a child.


Vibha, with over 20 years of experience and investments of more than $10 million in 250 projects, invites you to join in our drive to find far-reaching solutions to the systemic difficulties faced by underprivileged children in India.

As a social venture catalyst, Vibha helps to fund ventures that seed, grow and scale from grass roots, ensuring that changes are felt throughout the community. So you can feel confident knowing that your donation will be used directly for those who most need our help.

To set up an automated donation couldn’t be easier. Simply fill in this form and sit back; there is nothing else you need to do. You can donate using either your bank account or a credit card, all donations are tax deductible, and your contribution is matched by numerous corporations, doubling the amount of support you can give.


Check out our project page to see the kind of impact your donation will have. Projects like Apna School that provides education for children of migrant laborers who cannot get omission to formal schools. Or the Door Step School that provides a non-formal education to children of construction workers. Just two examples of life changes that you can help make happen.

Make a difference to a child’s life. Make an automated donation to Help Them Grow.

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