A Visit to FCSF

Every child deserves an equal opportunity to succeed.Vibha Scope pic However, not every child receives the materials necessary for them to reach their potential in their education. Foster children, in particular,are at a disadvantage. The Foster Care Support Foundation (FCSF) helps ease their burden by providing them with guidance and tools for success. On Saturday, August 1st, Vibha Youth volunteers in Atlanta went to one of the FCSF’s distribution centers to help out for the day. The distribution centers are factory
warehouses filled to the brim with 
every supply imaginable.

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Entire hallways were stuffed with school supplies, clothes, books, Nblankets, and toys. The volunteers helped organize all of the inventory held in the location. Starting early in the morning, they spent three hours stacking, sorting, and shelving everything from shirts to pencils. The most important elements of the trip were school supplies and clothes.

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Back-to-school season was starting, and the center was doubling efforts to send each child with clothes and supplies for school. Volunteers would collect the supplies off the shelves and put them into a pack allocated to a student. These packs would then be delivered to foster children based on their age level. Starting school again is always a time of low self-esteem. While the items are a small gesture, they help empower the confidence of any child who receives them. A bit of confidence can go a long way when facing unfamiliar faces. It evens out the playing field as all of the children settle down to a new year of learning and thriving.  

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FCSF has the same priorities as Vibha: providing an equal opportunity to all children. Their valiant mission changes the lives of local children every day: both the foster children and the volunteers who go to work there.The youth volunteers came out with gained knowledge and experience. The trip overall was a huge success, and all of them are eager to return and help again!

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