Vibha Chicago-FMSC Event

FMSC2 Picture (1)by Priya Balachandran

Vibha-Chicago Action Center organized a local community volunteering event at Feed My Starving Children ( Aurora center on a fine Saturday afternoon (06/20/2014). Vibha-Chicago Volunteers and their family members including children under 18 years hand packed meals at FMSC center, turning hunger into hope with their own hands. This is the second time this year we are doing this event. It was amazing that even the kids were patiently and enthusiastically doing the jobs allotted to them for about 2 hrs – measuring, filling, weighing, sealing and boxing the meals.

FMSC’s fortified meals are nutritionally balanced to nourish malnourished children with a blend of rice, soy protein, and 20 vitamins & minerals. The packed meals travel around the globe to nearly 70 countries and reach the less fortunate children through various orphanages, clinics, relief centers, and schools.

Vibha-Chicago Action Center believes ‘acting locally and impacting globally’. Nearly 6200 children die of starvation per day around the world and the packing meals at FMSC is a small step to reduce this number, hoping to diminish it to 0 one day in future. We thank FMSC for giving us an opportunity to do a service that is so close to Vibha’s cause, the child welfare. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram @VibhaChicago.

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