Vibha Boston Flies High

by Saloni Shah


The 2015 Kite Flying Festival was held on a warm afternoon with a light breeze. It was the perfect setting for our joyous event. Our volunteers at Vibha successfully hosted a kite-flying event, a happy playtime for children and adults alike. It was a wonderful day with parents teaching their children how to fly kites and the young ones running around the park with their very first kite.We set up a booth where everyone could have their pick….big, small, princess kites and spiderman too! The families picnicking at the Arsenal Park came by to buy their kites and soon the park had an array of colors as vivid as a kaleidoscope, floating above the horizon! After a few hours of play, everyone loves a good treat…and so we had mouth watering Indian dishes like samosas, bhajias and gulab jamun too. We also offered face painting and kite making booths for the creatively inclined. There were little girls with painted faces flying their pink kites, and little boys with their daddy’s competing for whose kite soared the highest, and then there were a few people like me goofy with excitement on flying their first kite.  It was a great effort by all our volunteers who put together this event for a great cause. What a wonderful thing it is when the volunteers at Vibha are able to generate help for the needy by bringing joy and play to the folks here in Boston.”

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