How to sign up for the Presidential Award


How to create the account

  1.     Go To:         one
  2.     Create a login per child. Parent can operate the account if child is under 14. Please add Birthdate to keep track of the age category for the award.two
  3.     After you create the account, go to Profile for the account by clicking on the profile button. (If you are under fourteen, you will not be able to see it until your parent confirms the account.)three
  1.     Once you click the Profile button, scroll down to see the Record of Service Key. Click edit and enter the Record of Service Key JFJ-59391 that attaches your account to Vibha Youth Volunteer team (I can then see the youth Volunteer record for certification)four                                                                                                                                                                                                           How to record the service hours
  1.     Go to My Service Tab, click on Add Activity
  2.     Enter Service Activity
  3.     Example: Conducted Canned Food Drive
  4.     Enter Benefitting Organization

a.     Example: North Texas Food Bank

  1.     Enter Date of Service
  2.     Enter hours


Vibha service award calendar runs from Jan to Dec every year. At the end of the year, we go through the service record and if there is a possibility of getting the award, I review the hours and certify them and National Team will order the award.

General guidelines

  1.     As Vibha Youth Volunteer, we request you support one or more Vibha events per year.
  2.     Please do not submit religious volunteering activities for certification
  3.     If you are supporting organizations other than Vibha, please have your hours approved (signature on paper or electronic copy) by the organizations. You will need to provide a copy upon request.
  4.     Being a certifying organization is a privilege that Vibha team takes seriously. Without proper paperwork, we will deny certifying the hours.

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