Vibha Denver Paints Their Future

By Vibha Denver

Vibha Denver organized a Painting and Drawing Competition for children from ages five and up  on Feb 28, 2015. This is our first event for 2015. The event was used as an awareness event to raise awareness about Vibha and attract new volunteers. This event served also as a team building activity, since we had a few new volunteers join us late last year . The new volunteers were very enthusiastic and involved during the event. One of our new volunteers, Leena Keshwani volunteered to lead the event, and excelled in doing so. The enthusiasm and involvement from our volunteers boosts our confidence about the success of future events.  We also had a few new volunteers sign up for VIBHA, Denver. The turnout was good, inspite of the severe weather conditions on the day of the event. All the young artists who participated thoroughly enjoyed the event. We will incorporate what we learned from this event to chalk a clearer path while planning our next event for the year: Nritya 2015.

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