A Visit to Jan Madhyam

As a social entrepreneurship organization, Vibha sponsors a number of Non-Governmental Organizations(NGOs) in India which focus on improving the quality of life of children, especially those in challenging circumstances. Jan Madhyam in New Delhi is one such NGO.  Jan Madhyam’s mission is to reach out to “the disabled children from marginalized sections of society aiding the most disadvantaged in terms of rights and opportunities.” Jan Madhyam also focuses on working with women and girls in India as their missions is rooted in equal opportunity.  Vibha’s funding supports Jan Madhyam in enrolling students to be educated and develop key life skills. Ikroop Kaur, a Vibha volunteer, from Vibha Seattle Action Center, recently visited a Janmadhyam facility. She has written about the experience below.


“Janmadhyam works with under-privileged children with physical & mental disabilities. On the cold winter day that I visited Janmadhyam, their facility was a welcome oasis in the somewhat gritty neighborhood it is situated in. I walked in to see the children attending “music class”. The girl you see at the drums below is hearing impaired but that didn’t stop her from missing a single beat on this rendition! Their teacher is a graduate of this institute and now comes back to teach the students.

sec_pic_JMTwo teachers gave me a tour of the self-sufficient unit complete with a kitchen garden, kitchen run by the students, classrooms, physiotherapy room. I got to sample some of the food that the kitchen was putting out it was amazing! The students cook food for a nearby office during the week this is another source of revenue for the facility. The students not only studied here but also learnt some skills like making spices, handicrafts, sewing & pottery some of which supported the costs of running this facility. This trip was the most fulfilling one I’ve made in a while it really put things in perspective. On how some people, with so little, and with such great challenges, persevere   with a smile and a can-do attitude. It makes me thankful for what I have and makes me want to do more to support these children.”

By: Ikroop Kaur


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