New Vibha Action Center in Charlotte


Calling all Vibha Members of Charlotte! Recently, a new action center has been started in Charlotte, North Carolina by Neha Ghai. Ghai was a dedicated member of Vibha Atlanta, and after her move to North Carolina, decided to open up an action center in Charlotte. Supported by her family and friends, Ghai became the new action center coordinator in Charlotte. Ghai writes:

“My journey with Vibha started in June 2012 in Atlanta. I [began working] with Vibha when I first heard about the beautiful work [the organization] was doing for the needy and God-gifted little children in India, [improving] their upbringing and education to help them achieve a better life and help them grow. I was honored to be inducted as one of the core volunteers of [the charity], and I volunteered for the strong Vibha team in Atlanta by helping them organize events, manage event websites and administrative work. Vibha is collaboration between all ages – children, youth and adults, which helps bring communities together and create bonds. The Charlotte Chapter was born with an intention of extending this bond across a wider group and reaching out to people to help them be part of the selfless mission at Vibha.”

Only having started in November of 2014, the Charlotte chapter is still growing steadily. In just two months there are already fifteen volunteers and more are coming aboard to become volunteers with Vibha. Congratulations to Neha Ghai and all the new volunteers at the Charlotte, North Carolina chapter. We look forward to seeing all your accomplishments in the upcoming year!

By: Anita Ambalavanan


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