This Diwali…light a “Diya” of hope for Priyanka…


A father who abandoned her and her family of her mother, 2 brothers and one sister (who was abandoned by her husband)…. Priyanka dreams a good life for herself and her family. With a meagre income and every day struggles, Priyanka was encouraged by HEARDS (Health. Education, Adoption, Rehabilitation Development Society) to join one of their centers for 2 years and successfully was mainstreamed into a Government school in 6th Grade. Priyanka is now doing her Bachelors in Commerce, and hopes to work for the Banking sector. Her dream was to be a Doctor, but the financial situation made her compromise with her dream, but nevertheless she is motivated to build a good life for herself and help other- she helped 2 children out of child labor!!

Founded in 1999 Health Education, Adoption, Rehabilitation Development Society (HEARDS) has consistently making efforts to eradicate child labor, and supporting child rights, through sustained and well-focused programs. Vibha has been partnering with HEARDS since 2005 and one of the programs alone, located in Chittoor (Andhra Pradesh), has made a difference to more than 300 children!

While you light your “diyas” of hope, happiness and health, take a minute to consider lightening up the lives of many such young children like Priyanka, who have dreams, yet to be fulfilled….

Donate to light a ray of hope this Diwali…..HAPPY DIWALI!!!

To donate and learn more about our programs and project, please visit,

-Written by Mahua Chatterjee


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