Vibha Milwaukee and Friends at The Color Run

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The Power of Persuasion and Reaching Out to the Community for help always works.  Recently Vibha Milwaukee had the opportunity to volunteer at The Color Run in Milwaukee on July 6th 2014.  The Color Runs – also called the Happiest 5K is a big international running event conducted in 30+ countries and all big cities in US with over 9000 runners participating in every run.

Such big running events already have their set of registered charities that they support and we wanted to have Vibha on their list.  It all became possible only when one of our volunteers Aruna Talapatra – who is a professional photographer – became the official photographer for the Wisconsin Color Runs.   Aruna used her contacts with the race directors to register Vibha Milwaukee and because of her efforts – The Color Run invited 10 Vibha Milwaukee volunteers to help at the Finish Line and in return The Color Run promised to donate $40 per volunteer to Vibha.

Once we were IN – the next effort was to get 10 volunteers on a long weekend.  Most volunteers were out of town and it almost seemed like we would lose the opportunity.  In an act of desperation – we started to post our pleas on different forums on Facebook and volunteer walls requesting for help.

And Help Did Come!!!

We started to get overwhelming response from friends, sponsors, people who have been to past Vibha Events. It was simply Fantastic!!! It showed that we are not alone in our efforts to improve the lives of underprivileged children. There are many many more like us who step up every time we need help – be it funds, time, support or spreading our word to the next person.

On July 6th – we had 12 people who showed up early in the morning to volunteer J Even though it was early and a very hot day – everyone volunteered with lot of enthusiasm, they were marking runners bibs, cheering, handing out color packets, managing the influx of runners at the finish line. It was truly a happy day where we got to throw colors at each other in the end!!!

Overall a great day of volunteering full of fun, camaraderie, gaining some awesome volunteers and receiving $400 to Vibha.

Thanks to everyone who participated – you guys Rock!!!

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