From Child Laborer to 10th Grade Graduates

8 Child Laborers from Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh, India; gave their 10th grade Board Examinations in March and today we learnt that 6 of these children passed and scored above 80% in the exams.  This is a VERY BIG DEAL !!!

These children who grew up in extreme poverty and worked in local cigarette factories, automobile workshops or tea stalls to make a living can call themselves 10th Grade (SSE) Graduates today.  They are the first graduates in their families. This has been possible thanks to HEARDS – A Vibha Supported Project since 2005.

HEARDS was founded in August 1999 with a vision to eradicate child labor and facilitate the holistic growth of every individual in the district via education, equality and liberation from poverty.  HEARDS has been identifying child laborers in the area, providing bridge education to mainstream them into regular schools, maintain attendance records and meet regularly with parents to ensure the children have access to essential education, basic nutrition and primary health needs.

We are very proud of these Young Graduates who have shown that circumstances can be changed with hard work and determination.  Congratulations Young Graduates and our partner HEARDS on your Big Achievement today.

You are the reason we continue to do the work we do !!!


One thought on “From Child Laborer to 10th Grade Graduates

  1. Sricharan Madhavan says:

    amazing achievement. Congratulations HEARDS, and congratulations Vibha. Great work! Proud to be a Vibha Volunteer.

    – Sricharan (Bangalore)

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