Double Your Returns for Vibha Today


The Silicon Valley Giving Foundation (SVCF) in Bay Area are celebrating their 100th Anniversary in a most innovative & philanthropic way today.  They are doing a One Day Only Crowdfunding Campaign for 700 non profit organizations registered in Bay Area.  Ofcourse Vibha is part of this campaign as well and we have been spreading the word all day today via emails and facebook.

SVCF has volunteers all across Wholefoods and other local stores in Bay Area today campaigning for the 700 non profit organizations and asking people to donate to their choice of charity via  Also there are multiple other foundations like Microsoft, Knight Foundation, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundations that have agreed to match dollar to dollar donations received at particular hours.

This has been a fantastic opportunity for Vibha today as we have raised $8500 since morning and still campaigning.  We are ranked at 51st place in small non profit leaderboard and ranked at 121st place in all 700 non profit leaderboard.  We at Vibha are all very excited and continuing to create the buzz !!!

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