Vibha National Volunteer Conference – Recap and highlights

Volunteer Conference

Thanks to Raleigh team for hosting the wonderful Vibha National Volunteer Conference!

Some of the volunteers flew from West coast to East coast, and some drove 11 hours to attend the conference.  All these people sacrificed weekend time and personal life. People who could not join in person due to various reasons participated remotely through Google hangout.  The India team also participated remotely.


As always, the Vibha Volunteer Conference created a big boost in energy for all the participants and inspires us to do more. 

Besides the excellent food and hospitality from Raleigh team, what did you miss at the conference?

To name a few things:


-Presentations from a diverse group of volunteers, ranging from big action centers such as Atlanta to new action centers such as Buffalo, NJ.

-The Projects team made an excellent presentation. If you want to know more about where the money is going and how the money is spent and the categorization of projects, cost per beneficiary etc.;  I strongly encourage you to go through the Projects Team presentation. (If you would like a copy of it, please let know).

-Adopt A Project (AAP):  The AAP Presentation was very well received.  It looks like this tool is ready for a major launch either during the year end drive or during the beginning of 2014.

-Vibha Youth & Vibha Universities:  Vibha Youth has already made significant progress in multiple cities such as Atlanta, Bay Area, Dallas, Minnesota, Milwaukee, and Raleigh. The Dallas team made a good presentation and the Video from Vibha Dallas Youth is must watch.

Vibha Universities is the next big thing coming up in the next couple of years. Vani Yadla, laid out the plan — we need to identify the universities that can take it to next level.

-Kishore Vedala, A Vibha youth volunteer who transitioned to Vibha Universities is a perfect example of how the Vibha youth force will join the Vibha University campaign.

-Fundraising/Marketing and Patron Relations: The Fundraising team presented plans for future events. For example, Dream Mile is going big – last month, it made its entry in Bangalore. Watch out for big news from other teams.

-Vibha’s Elevator Pitch: Vibha has evolved as an organization over the past two decades.  It is important that we convey a consistent message.  Look out for a message from Marketing Team on Vibha’s “Elevator Pitch.” 


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